Symbol of The third chakra

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus

Chole from Sky tantra asked me to join her ‘Tantra Blog Relay’, OK, that seems interesting, lets talk about Chakra today.

The topic for me today: The third chakra

The third chakra is referred to as the Solar Plexus, his Sanskrit name Manipura.

It is located two inches below the breastbone in the center behind the stomach.

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What Does a Woman Get From a Tantric Massage?

Inspired by London tantric massage guide’s latest post ‘What Does a Man Get From a London Tantric Massage?‘ I started to think about my experience with Tantra and tantric massage since I joined tantra world from one of the eros massage parlour back in 2010. I really get a lot from tantric massage, below is my share with you, hope you like it.

Please be aware that this is a description of Tantric Massage as I provide/experience it. The majority of what is normally presented as London Tantric Massage elsewhere is not what I could know, even in many long-established workshops. You can’t expect these outcomes from every therapist of Tantric Massage. I can only tell you what I experienced and I offer.

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The Aims of Massage Therapy with Tantra Principles

Tantra involves Eastern philosophy, though it has gained incredible recognition in Western regions. Nowadays, you will see that the Tantric massage is provided in many cities around the world, yet many people still have limited knowledge of what this massage is all about.

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