Natural Methods of Birth Control

This is a post originally on Secret massage’s blog with the title <Natural Methods of Birth Control – This Easy Method Helps You to Get Closer to Your Partner>,  I read it and thought it was very inspring, so I get the agreement from the owner and repost at our blog , it might help.

Once you discover the joyful ecstasy of conscious tantric love-making, it could happen that you will want to have ever longer love sessions with your partner. Sex can really be satisfying to both of you, and you simply want more of it, or you start to transcend the love-making in to a meditation of blissful unity. An obvious question may then arise: what would be the best natural methods of birth control?

You may have heard that hormonal pills are not necessarily good for your hormonal balance, and you may not want to have a copper or plastic coil inserted in your uterus. The way a copper coil works is not exactly known and plastic coils secrete hormones to your body. Condoms work, yes, but if you have a permanent partner, you may wonder if it’s always necessary to use one. And yes, a condom makes a huge difference in sensitivity, however thin it may be!

There are some other alternate methods available, such as cervical barriers, and if you use them in a correct way and usually with a spermicide, they can be a good choice. There are also some devices that monitor your hormone levels and they can indicate when you have a “safe day” or when you’re fertile. This is measured from the urine.

In this article, we’re going to focus on observing the body temperature and the secretions of the vagina.

Disclaimer: No contraception method is 100% sure, so experiment with your common sense! Read more