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Total relaxation is an expression used mostly in the adult massage business. To indicate the type of service.

There are many different ways to relax, but in the London adult massage business, total relaxation refers to a full release or stress release. This can be achieved through a hand job or happy ending, for example. Not all erotic massages will end in this type of relaxation, so if you see a service that promises total relaxation, you will know that it means that you can expect the full treatment that a sexy masseuse is capable of giving. It’s important to note that this does not mean penetrative sex, however, but simply refers to a form of manual stress release.

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Erotic Massage to Release your stress

Stress is a serious affliction for all too many adults these days, but it can be particularly severe for business executives or those who have high powered jobs. These are some of the clients who are most likely to take advantage of erotic massage services that involve total relaxation, because it’s a way for them to put aside the stresses of their day and simply lie back to be serviced. With the help of a beautiful erotic masseuse, their cares will be rubbed and stroked away, for an hour or two of bliss Massage. By adding in the element of a total release, they can be sure to remove every last drop of stress from their bodies.

Many experts in the medical field legitimately believe that orgasm is one of the best ways to beat stress. When anxiety or tension enters the body, it can be stored up in its most sensitive parts, including the erogenous zones. Anyone who has tried to make love while feeling overly anxious probably knows how difficult it can be. It’s essential to relax in order to have a fruitful love life. When tension builds up in these areas, it must be released with an erotic, sensual total relaxation massage.

In this type of massage, a masseuse who is generally fully nude will perform the basic strokes of Swedish relaxation massage, while at the same time paying special attention to your most intimate parts. She will tease and coax you until you feel fully aroused, ending the massage with total relaxation. As part of this road to relaxation, she may also treat you to a full body to body massage, in which she rubs her fully naked body all over yours, which can be an unparalleled erotic experience.

Some Tantric elements may also be incorporated into any erotic massage that has a total relaxation ending. These can include reciting mantras, eye to eye contact with your masseuse, or simply the use of relaxing music. There are many different types of sensual, erotic massage out there today to choose from, so that no matter what your form of pleasure might be, your masseuse will be able to meet it. This ensures that your stress release will be complete, leaving you feeling not drained but energized after any erotic session of this nature. Customers report feeling a boost of vitality after erotic massage treatments that allows them to go out there and face their stress successfully.