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Still wondering what our tantric massage offers? Allow me to introduce our London tantric massage service for you…We have various kinds of tantric massage & sensual massage sessions & one-on-one tutorial offering for incall & outcall, make an appointment today and enjoy the provocate luxurious erotic massage in London.

Tantric Massage Can Help Awaken The Body’s Sexual Energy and Desire

Did you know that one of the oldest, most pleasurable body treatments people experience is the massage. Massages can positively affect the body, allowing people to feel relaxed and pleasured on a regular basis.

Tantric Massages: What Is It, What Is Its Origins and What Benefits Does It Offer

In fact, the Tantric massage, which originated from the Himalayan Mountains of India, is roughly 9,000 years old. It’s a universal language – an art, so to speak, that involves body-to-body touching that’s been created to stroke the whole body. It’s a way to give the body better health, well-being and awareness.

Everybody, at some point in their lives, experiences stress – the amount of stress and the degree of it will vary. However, tantric massage’ benefits can be gained, but only if you have a trained therapist to carry it out. Professional masseuses can use various techniques and treatments to rejuvenate the body.

Victoria Tantric massage can also help with people live a longer life. After all, people who regularly have a sexual experience can live longer. Tantric massage can awaken your sexual energy.

Along with the Erotic Tantric massage, there’s the intimate art of sensual massage. The body’s largest, most sensitive organ is the skin, which registers the human’s sense of touch.  When a baby is developing in utero, the skin and nervous system develop from the same cell layer. This is often noted as the nervous system’s external part – getting and registering numerous different signals and a host of responses to those signals.

When a therapist puts their hands on you, it’s done with good will and compassion. Subtle changes are seen with the gentle touching because it’s done with care and tenderness, resulting in both physical and psychological fluctuations. During a sensual massage, people need to take deep breaths in rhythm by candlelight in order to feel relaxed and let their stress go.

It’s not just getting a massage that’s so rewarding but also giving one that can do the body wonders.  When you feel the massage you give relax the recipient, it also makes you feel relaxed because you know your touch and concern is helping to stimulate sexual health.

Remember that wholeness is much more than just body, emotions and mind. It’s also about health. Therefore, any type of healing-touch method therapists use goes beyond the physical body.  The therapist is actually affecting the subtle body and giving it back its energy flow. This energy flow is also involving the aura that surrounds and is inside the body with the centers of vitality called chakras (learn more about chakra system at Tantric massage guide).

Aura is comprised of vital energy that extends out of the body and beyond the skin and is always on the move. Now, there are seven key chakras inside the aura and along the body midline. These chakras’ function is to send energy back and forth between the subtle and physical bodies.

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Tantric massage is not just for Men

What Is The Yoni Ritual and Couple Tantric Sessions?

The Unique Yoni Ritual and Couple Tantric Sessions of Tantric massage will provide you with an experience like no other.  Yoni means “vagina” in Sanskrit, which also means “Sacred Temple” or “Sacred Space”. When talking about Tantra, Yoni is regarded as both respect and love. The session you get is about giving and receiving, with your goddess and yourself connecting with one another in tantric pleasure.

Couple tantric massage is a special time that involves playfulness. The journey involves two tantra goddesses that begin from tantric meditation. Afterwards, the goddess will ensure both you and your other half get the full-on, sexual massage, which works to pleasure you in your sacred spots and ensures you both feel deeply connected to each other.

The couple tantric journey was developed for each person’s needs. It focuses on three key things:

  • Spiritual connection between you and your significant other
  • Sexual healing
  • Playful journey

You can learn more about this form of massage by talking with a tantric massage professional. Read more about the sensual massage and tantric massage in modern days