Third Chakra: Solar Plexus

Chole from Sky tantra asked me to join her ‘Tantra Blog Relay’, OK, that seems interesting, lets talk about Chakra today.

The topic for me today: The third chakra

The third chakra is referred to as the Solar Plexus, his Sanskrit name Manipura.

It is located two inches below the breastbone in the center behind the stomach.

 The third chakra position

The third chakra is the center of personal power, the place of ego , of passions, impulses, anger and strength. It is also the center for astral travel and astral influences, receptivity of spirit guides and for psychic development. Rules the Mental portion of our consciousness and governs thinking, the power of control that is gained by our minds. The third chakra is the Power Chakra. Due to The projections of our ego and our vital energies are both influenced by this chakra because it rules how well we can maintain our sense of Self when in a power struggle with another. The battle between egos is difficult to win if we are children and our opponent is our parent. Therefore, this chakra holds the secrets of the many power struggles that we fought and lost with our parents, and other authority figures, as a child.

When is out of balance you may feel powerless, lack confidence, be confused, worry about what others think, feel that others are controlling your life. Our sense of powerlessness causes excessive worrying, hypochondriac pain, irritability, and procrastination. We are overly sensitive, cry easily, feel fatigue, and are often anxious and/or depressed.
Our bodies respond to the constant tension by developing ulcers, jaundice, hepatitis, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and gallstones,digestive difficulties, nervous exhaustion, and food allergies.

Symbol of The third chakra

Symbol of The third chakra

When balanced, we have a strong sense of personal power and self-motivation. you may feel cheerful, outgoing, have self-respect, expressive, enjoy taking on new challenges.

The body parts for this chakra include the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, and small intestine.

The note for this chakra is D and the mantra is ram or aum.
Astrology sign related to the solar plexus is Leo which is ruled by the sun, the ego system that we embody within this lifetime.

The color of this chakra is yellow to gold which represents intellectual thinking.

The gemstones are Citrine, Topaz, and Yellow Calcite.

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