The Tantric Massage & Sensual Massage today

sensual and tantric massage today

The history of sensual massage with regard to both erotic and medicinal purposes is long-reaching and somewhat amusing. What we know as sensual massage today has developed from two main sources – the common medical treatment for women used in Western medicine as far back as the 1800s and traditional Tantric practices that were focused on meditation.

Tantric Massage

Tantra began as a style of meditative yoga in medieval India before 5AD and has since spread throughout Asia, influencing many traditions in the region. As such, a multitude of Tantric disciplines have developed over time however, it has always been a very spiritual practice with the goal of enlightenment.

Tantra was introduced to the Western world toward the end of the eighteenth century, but has enjoyed a steep increase in popularity since the 1960s. In Western civilisation, it is often forgotten that Tantra is essentially a spiritual practice. Consequently, the modern, Western variation has been termed Neotantra. Depending on whom you ask, Neotantra comprises a variety of principles – most often Neotantra is an umbrella term referring to any aspect of sacred sexuality, meaning many of the original, meditative Tantric practices have been lost in this part of the world.

Though Neotantra is a far cry from the Tantric practices of medieval India, it still involves a spiritual aspect that does not shame its ancestor completely. Neotantra today is focused on achieving increased spiritual awareness, albeit often of the erotic consciousness.

Tantric massage is based on the principles of Neotantra, with the goal being to provide a more spiritual experience than that offered by other forms of sensual massage. Though sexual release is often part of Tantric massage, it is certainly not the goal – in fact, this form of massage is often used to teach the recipient to prolong arousal and gain more control.

Sensual Massage

The story of sensual massage in Western culture is one of prudishness, at least for us looking back. A common ailment once experienced by widowers and other single women was known as female hysteria. Symptoms of this medical diagnosis included sexual desire, insomnia and irritability. In the seventeenth century, a technique for the treatment of this disorder was introduced – a genital massage with the goal of causing a sort of hysterical seizure, or what we now more open-mindedly refer to as an orgasm.

Though there was no risk of death with this ‘procedure’, it was difficult to master and could take hours. This resulted in the development of hydrotherapy devices followed by the introduction of the vibrator toward the end of the nineteenth century. By the beginning of the twentieth century vibrators were available for use in the home – even before ownership of items such as the vacuum cleaner and the iron was common. Up to this point sensual massage, at least for women, had been seen as a medical procedure however, at this point it became a process aimed purely at enjoyment. As a result, sensual massage became a more underground practice as people sadly became ashamed of seeking pleasure in this form.

Sensual and Tantric Massage Today

In many cases, the concepts of Tantric and sensual massage have merged to become one. Many massage therapists today offer a range of sensual and Tantric massage techniques, though some are highly specialised in one particular area. Tantric massage therapists in particular may be focused on providing a spiritual experience involving more traditional processes, whilst sensual massage therapists often aim purely to tease and pleasure.

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