The Aims of Massage Therapy with Tantra Principles

Tantra involves Eastern philosophy, though it has gained incredible recognition in Western regions. Nowadays, you will see that the Tantric massage is provided in many cities around the world, yet many people still have limited knowledge of what this massage is all about.

What are the aims of the massage?

Stimulating Kundalini – This is an extremely effective type of energy (lying near the spine of the body), which Tantric massage can be perfect for. While the Kundalini gets stimulated, it moves in the upward direction, and can promote the capacity of the body to cure itself.

Another aim of the tantric massage London service is to turn on your body’s chakras. The chakra generally denotes the disc or wheel in Sanskrit. This is the major point of energy, present in your body, and it can be found on the spinal column. It is usually believed that 7 major chakras are present along spinal column, going from the base of the spine to the neck and head.

7 tantric chakra

7 tantric chakras: for more information please visit tantric massage guide

Another goal of the tantric form of massage is to ease the healing of the body from the emotional, physical or spiritual aspect. However, the massage cannot only cure the physical aching but it can also give the body a feeling of healing. All the emotional wounds, which have been sustained in the past, may be alleviated or soothed. The massage can also take the individual to a spiritual level.

How to offer the tantric massage

The way of receiving or presenting a Tantric massage can be intimate. Due to faith or candidness, which is needed for the massage, it is highly essential that the masseuse selection is right allowing the client to get comfort and relaxed.

Where to get a tantric massage in London?

There are many massage centers offer tantric massage as an erotic entertainment or adult massage in this city, among all of them , Victoria tantric massage is one of the best place for your relaxing and healing experience. Visit our massage parlour today and get your first tantric massage in London.